Pain Dynamics

Pain Dynamics

DTR (Disclusion Time Reduction) Therapy uses T-Scan™ digital occlusal analysis data  to measure the impact of wide-ranging movements by the teeth. The goal is to identify teeth contacts that may be overly engaging, a problem that can lead to hyperactive muscles and TMD symptoms. In this process, Dr. Shokoohi evaluates the time it takes for the back teeth to disengage during the movement of teeth and he analyzes the data to muscle activity in real time.

Through DTR Therapy, Dr. Shokoohi is able to relieve pressure and pain in the jaws and ongoing headaches and migraines that are related to overly-engaged bite.

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  1. Patient since 2000

    I have visited Dr. Shokoohi’s office, multiple times. I believe he is very knowledgeable and always gives me different options to any problems I may have had when I visited.

    He is very friendly and speaks multiple languages, which is very helpful when I recommended other people to him, who do not speak in English fluently.

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