Restorative Dentistry

If your teeth require restoration or the replacement of existing silver filling, we use only the highest quality white material, or white fillings. Restorations with white fillings have many benefits, such as avoiding the undesirable silver look or smile and achieving long-term strength of the treated tooth. Above all, you avoid exposure to mercury through the use of white restorative material. The durability and life expectancy of white restorations can depend on its location and the pressure placed on them by your bite. White restorations provide a healthier and more natural alternative to traditional silver and amalgam fillings. In addition, more of your natural teeth can be preserved, as white fillings allow for minimally invasive restoration.

In situations where white filling may not be the most appropriate choice, restorative alternatives such crowns can be used. We can also restore your beautiful bright smile, as we offer the state of the art and conservative teeth whitening system, in addition to in-home teeth whitening options.

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