Parkside Dental techonogies

In 1998, Dr. Shokoohi founded his dental practice in Sandy Springs, where he has been serving his patients in a central location, accessible even to those who travel by public transportation. His practice welcomes people of all backgrounds and nationalities, and he is fluent in the following languages:
English, French, Spanish, Persian and Turkish.

Our Technology

An innovator at heart, Dr. Shokoohi has always invested in the most progressive and state-of-the-art dental products and technologies. 

Over time, surface stains may penetrate the enamel and change the color of the dentin, which darkens the appearance of teeth, resulting in yellowing.

Dr. Shokoohi is able to take a closer look at the your teeth and the surrounding structure with greater accuracy than before.

The intraoral camera is an amazing diagnostic tool for viewing different angles in the mouth.

When decay, abscess or fracture causes damage, a root canal treatment can retain your original tooth and prevent the need for extraction.

The advanced Activa Restorative System is a tooth-colored bioactive material that mimics the physical and chemical properties of natural teeth. 

Short-term or long-term orthodontic systems can become a part of your treatment plan. 

We are now able to fabricate these items with very little wait-time in our office with the Drufomat Scan System Machine.

The state-of-the-art electric hand pieces utilized in every dental room at Parkside Dental have the least vibration and the lowest sound in the industry with an extremely quite turbine.