Innovative Endodontics

When decay, abscess or fracture causes damage, a root canal treatment can retain your original tooth and prevent the need for extraction. This treatment can assist in the prevention of premature tooth loss and, when combined with a dental crown, the function and comfort of your teeth will be restored. The need for a root canal is most often indicated through sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, painful or swollen gums, or a throbbing toothache. However in some instances, symptoms do not present themselves. This is why regular checkups every 4 to 6 months is imperative to the health of your teeth. We will conduct a full diagnosis if any of the below symptoms persist:

  • Sensitivity to biting
  • Constant severe or throbbing tooth ache
  • Chronic tooth sensitivity to hot and cold liquids
  • Pain as a result of atmospheric pressure changes, for instance, during flight Swelling of the gums

In the unfortunate event that a root canal is needed, Dr. Shokoohi utilizes the advanced Adaptive Motion Technology of Sybron Endo to ease your pain and restore your comfort.

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